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The former Hangman gets the VR treatment

The Hangman was the first of the Opryland rides to be relocated. In fact, unlike the other attractions that Six Flags (Premiere Parks at the time) bought, the Hangman never was stored at the former Old Indiana park grounds. It was immediately disassembled and trucked to the "New Marine World Theme Park", later named Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, near San Francisco. 

It was the first roller coaster added to the park but has since been eclipsed by taller, faster, and smoother coasters. This year, Six Flags took some of their older coasters and added virtual reality visors to create a new experience for some of their rides that have been in their parks for a while. And, while not at a Six Flags park, CHAOS's sister ride, the Revolution, was given the same treatment earlier this year. 

Now, it seems that the Hangman will get a VR makeover this fall. 

The ultimate interactive Virtual Reality (VR) coaster experience, featuring Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus, is coming to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom this fall as demonic creatures battle terrified riders in the all-new Rage of the Gargoyles debuting on Kong, the park’s floorless looping roller coaster, just in time for Fright Fest® starting September 24.

We'll see if the park reopens with the headsets in the spring.

CHAOS's sister ride gets an upgrade

There were only 2 roller coasters ever built like CHAOS. Opryland's version opened on March 25, 1989 with a 40-car train (which is still a world's record). A few month's later, it's twin, named the Revolution, opened with a 30-car train in Bobbejaanland, a theme park in Antwerp, Belgium. Like CHAOS, the Revolution has gone through several different themes. This year, the park introduced virtual reality to the attraction and renamed it Mount Mara. Riders wear Samsung headsets and experience a true 3D experience (unlike the light diffraction glasses used on CHAOS that everyone called 3D!). Those that choose not to wear the Samsung headsets can still enjoy 1/2 of the original clock projection that CHAOS used for its first few years.